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I'm just dying here. I can't believe that happened twice in one tournament.


I mean, in one *match*! LOL!!


The first one made me squinch in pain just watching it. No close call on that one;) Marat would have kissed her on the second.


Sorry about squinch, banti. At least they were laughing, how often do we see FeVer laughing these days? lol Marat, and Fena stroking the lady's head.


"At least they were laughing, how often do we see FeVer laughing these days?"

Waaaay too true.

"lol Marat, and Fena stroking the lady's head."

I thought he was going to give her a kiss, like Marat did! I mean, she'd probably seen that YouTube clip; she was probably looking forward to it! LOL!


"she was probably looking forward to it! LOL"

She played her cards wrong there, I would have held my head and looked dizzy!


LOL, Jenny! Fainting and swooning FTW! :-D


Check this one out,


I'm sorry, Dee, but I actually thought it was sad.


I thought it was sad too, Jenny. But the player's reaction to it, and then praying over the bird was a little comical.


There are two sad things about this, IMO. First, the bird being killed, second the player making a mockery of his death by trying (and succeeding) to get laughter from the crowd.

I really, really feel sad about this. And I'm sorry that you put it here, Dee.


Sorry guys, I didn't even realised what the topic was. my only point was " what are the chances for that to happen" and I think that palyer's gesture was nice because he seems really sorry and he was asking for forgiveness.

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