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Nole is still the favorite but it's tighter than one would have thought before the tournament started. Nole is playing well, but has come down from the levels we had seen from April to Wimbledon. Rafa is looking good, far far better than the player we saw in Montreal or Cincy. The odds on him winning have tightened significantly after his manhandling of Roddick) Roger has also improved and we know he can be magical on any given day. Andy is looking solid. So, it's going to be a tight tournament from here on -- hoping for 3 very good matches.


nadal hasn't lost a set and could go all the way if fed beats nole. what a turn of events.


Word here is If anyone can beat Djokovic it's Fed.


In the 2010 US Open, 1 (Nadal) was seeded to meet 4 in the semi finals. 2 (Federer was seeded to meet 3 (Djokovic). Final: Nadal def Djokovic.

In the 2011 Australian Open, 1 (Nadal) was seeded to play 4 (Soderling) in the semi finals had he not lost earlier. 2 (Federer) played 3 (Djokovic) in the semi finals. Final: Djokovic def. Murray

In the 2011 French Open, 1 (Nadal) was seeded to play 4 (Murray) in the semi finals, which he did. 2 (Djokovic) was seeded to play 3 (Federer) and lost to him. Final: Nadal def. Federer

In the 2011 Wimbledon, 1 (Nadal) was seeded to play 4 (Murray) in the semis (which he did). 2 (Djokovic) was seeded to play 3 (Federer) in the semis but Federer lost to Tsonga in the quarters.
Final: Djokovic def. Nadal

So far consistent. In EVERY slam 1 met 4 in the semis, 2 met 3.


In the 2011 US Open, 1 (Djokvoic) was seeded to play 3(Federer) in the semis and 2 (Nadal) was seeded to play 4 (Murray). This is how it's ended up.

Don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks it's weird that in slams 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3 so long as Djokovic ISN'T 1?


Can't wait for the Semis!!! Hoping for some great tennis. I am content with Roddick's play this tournament. He played a great game against a top player in David. I think he just ran out of gas against Rafa. I don't think he would have beat him even if he was in better match shape, but he would have definitely held serve better. Is it just me or does it look like he is moving in cement when he plays at net? Players like Roger look like they are bouncing, gliding around. Andy clomps like an elephant and rarely seems to know where to cover net. Isn't this something he can correct, or is it too late to change?


Me neither, Ricke. Andy's a great server, does other stuff well too, but I've never seen him as one of the better net players.

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