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Dear Gracie

What a lovely surprise, you've made my day! I often think of you and have really missed you and your great posts. Hey, ask TP for your mailbox back, and I can post directly to it. As you can gather, I'm still with TP, but you know how I feel the site. Wasn't Roger great!

Love to you and Nina. Take good care and try not to stay away - even if it's a one-liner.



!!! Don't you ever sleep, woman? !!!


((( Gracie )))


and also ((( Nina )))


Gracie, so nice to hear from you again. So sorry to read about your sister. Hope you find the strength and support you need.
Take care and my thoughts are with you and Nina.

- Catherine


Gracie, good to hear from you and good to know that you still check out this site. We miss your contributions. I'm sorry about your sister's illness and I hope all of you have strength during this phase. Do take care of yourself.


Oh Gracie I was honestly thinking of you a few days ago. Being surrounded by alot of pain and sadness is an overwhelming burden. Please continue to take care of YOU as well as those around you. Post as you can but just give our very best to your sister.


I too was wondering why we haven't heard from you and now we know why. Hope you find some solace visiting this site and knowing that we will be here to lend support in whatever way we can. Hope the remaining days are peaceful for your sister. Your reference to Chieko make me think that you know something about her present status and if you do please let us know if you find a spare moment to share with us. I miss you both.


hey there gracie:

a missed voice from the past! my thoughts go out to your sister & her loving family - your work is admirable & you must know that you too are loved. what a reminder that the moments now are worth cherishing.

we are all here for you...



So great to hear from you! I too am caring for my mom now at home and it truly takes over your life! Your sister is blessed to have someone like you to watch over and care for her. God Bless You Both! Enjoy your time with Nina, check in when you can, post if you have the energy. It really makes you look at life in a different way when you watch someone go through a serious health problem. You just don't sweat the small stuff anymore! Please let us know if you have news of Chieko......anything....we have all been so worried about her since the earthquake. Take care of yourself please.


Gracie, thank you for sharing your story. Your sister is indeed very blessed to have you, stay strong as you seem to be, and please come visit this site to take your mind of things. Were all thinking of you.


Thanks so much to all of you who posted for thinking about me and sending your good wishes. I miss you all too, and while I do check in, I've been lacking the energy to do any commenting. It's hard sometimes to remember to try and continue with the 'normal' things in one's life when your mind is consumed with something like a family illness. When I'm not actually with my sister, we spend an awful lot of time on the phone...time I might otherwise have spent posting here, so...

I wish I could offer some news about Chieko, but when I reviewed her mailbox messages to me, I realized they were posted much earlier in the year. I hope she and her family are all right too. If I hear anything more from her now, I’m sure you’ll all be the first to know.


Gracie, you take time, Nina has to come first, you know you have an open door here. In the meantime enjoy the tennis and lurking!


My dad's elder brother has made the decision to stop his chemo too. I am glad for you and Nina to be able to focus on the time you spend, and glad Roger made you proud yesterday.

((( hugs )))

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