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Nelson Goodman

I actually think most of these are right on... Watching those first sets, I really thought "only Rog, Rafa and *maybe* Delpo can push him at the moment." I mean, overall - of course someone with an Isner/Raonic game may also strike it hot. But on a reliable basis, I say these three will be giving Nole his toughest matches this year (with the only other real possibilities being, I think, Berdie and Tsonga on those occasions when their heads are in the game).


I saw all three matches, I could hardly believe the almost identical scores, lol it was almost creepy. I think Nole was rattled in the second sets, but we're talking #4 and #5 quality players who have beaten Nole previously. Monaco is a top 20 player who hadn't beaten him in 4 meetings, but he's tough and was on a roll from his previous wins. I think Ferrer [who gifted the second with errors] and Monaco got nervous at crucial times. Murray wasn't match tough, those walkovers did him no favours, imo..

I also agree with Nelson's thoughts.


a match tough Andy is as dangerous as they come. Thanks for the descriptive update Jenny.

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