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Well deserved Hall of Fame. Great pic, LOL it wouldn't be the same without authentic UK rain and some brollies. Love the Arnaud Clement bandana, he's played a few tennis marathons in his time.

Here's a thought for you, Gary.



Love you Gary!!! Congrats!

Gary Moser

Thanks, Jenny!

As for the "rain and brollies",
I remember it being BITTER COLD before the race,
and we had to wait outside for over an hour
before the start.....but then it and/or I warmed up
and the race itself was fine.

Arnaud Clement-like, indeed!
I ain't no NIKE SELL-OUT like all the top guys! :->

Thanks for the link about the Bupa Run.
Sounds like a FABULOUS event.
And it's in September.
I've been telling myself for the last few years
that if I ever do another overseas marathon,
it'll be either Munich [ 1972 Olympic stadium finish! }
or Berlin. They're both in the fall,
so I could see taking an extended enough trip
to swing over to the UK to work Bupa in...

Gary Moser

Yeah...there was that stock market thingie.

And then there was this:


Gary Moser

Thank you so much!

I've always run for my own satisfaction,
but I won't lie ---- the older I get,
the more helpful I find it to have a fan-base,
as it were... :->


Gary, great achievements! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Gary Moser

"achievements" ----- plural?

As much as I'd like to take credit
for still being able to fog a mirror,
surviving that wreck was unadulterated LUCK.

But....thanks! :->


Hey TP,
If Gary gets wall of fame entry I should get one too! I have completed ten marathons and one ultra marathon(50 miler) and a bunch of 10Ks, all after the age of 40. All my marathons were under 4 hrs, 8 under 3:30, 6 under 3:10 and 2 under 3:00hrs with a 2:57 personal best which I used to qualify for Boston. You think I can get an entry in to the Wall of fame.


Hi Gary! Thanks for sharing your compassion for marathons with our community! A marathon would be too much for me. When I was young I ran 1km in about 3 minutes. But 42km! No thanks! Well deserved entry on the Wall of Fame! :-) I also appreciate it when tennisplanet celebrities share their fotos with the rest! Thank you! Your Tercel looks horrible and I think you were very lucky!


Oh raj for sure. Please post some photos for us to celebrate. Hey Teep where are u, I nominate raj for Hall of Fame too. Thanks in advance.

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