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acknowledging a great shot by an opponent by clapping etc.


Bending down to grab his knees, ankles, legs as if he's hurt or injured.


Banti's got it I believe. he does this all the time, like Vijay Armitraj used to do!


Winner: BANTI

HOWEVER, Nole needs exactly that to sustain his level, quite opposite from other greats. He needs to feel an underdog, playing against the odds, against the crowd and forces of nature. Remember the expression on his face before The Shot at US Open? His game is extremely emotional and he needs this sense of being somehow at a disadvantage to fuel his efforts.


Yup, Banti has got it. Well done,


well, I think that applauding a opponent shot is just good manners rather than a sign of less killer instinct ( maybe I'm generation older than the rest of you !! ).
I think it is the pouting and arm gestures and showing " why is that happening to me " stuff towards his box that he does when he makes a mistake or loses a point that he feels he should have won.


Wow really?? I like the gesture, but for some reason when Novak doing it annoys me:) Never seen Armitraj play, caught a few of his films though:) Will have to youtube some matches.. And there is no way TP is handing me this WOF this easily, almost a 100% on this.


I agree with you Stella! I think it's just good manners, and I also hate his posturing. I would like him so much better if he just had more of a poker face, and didn't pound his chest, act like a primate, etc....


or there is the constant fingering and kissing of his cross round his neck. Yes, he is religious but it sends a message that he doesn't feel strong enough to complete the task on his own, he needs help from a higher power


you win, Banti!


Armitraj had a beautiful game to watch and was a great sportsman as well. lol at Nole annoying you. I understsand! Well at least it's not like Andy Murray's reaction to a brilliant shot. Saying the f word and walking away in disgust like he should have had a play on the ball.

The wall is YOURS. just accept this Banti, lol!


Seconded to Bettyjane on all counts and I too nominate banti.


He got that wooden cross from the Patriarch of Serbia before his death. I think it flies around during points and he wants to adjust it and make sure it's still "there."


He doesn't +need+ a higher power to win, he simply loves and believes in one.


Yap that's the one.


Oh Lord, the Mother Serbia thing again.
Sorry, I just find it tiresome.

Tennis Planet


It's a scientifically proven fact that body language dictates emotions. If you smile, walk with head held high, chest out etc., your mind - WITHOUT ANY EFFORT FROM YOUR END - will release postivity. Conversely, slump your shoulders, make a sad face etc. and..........

Translation: You cannot clap for your opponent without AUTOMATICALLY releasing reconciliatory and softer feelings towards him. There is a VERY distinct line separating good sportsmanship and killer's instinct. You cannot cross over without relinquishing the other - COMPLETELY.

Other greats not only NOT clap, they swing to the other extreme by belittling the shot by raising their head to signify one or both of two things:

1. Their own shot before the magical one from their opponent was the problem that allowed this to happen.

2. The magical shot was a fluke and a lucky one.


Well done Banti!


Congrat. Banti. Great job and fast too. The first and the best response.


Well done Banti -- quick and easy. You must be now be in the HOF of WOF winners!


Happy for you Banti!!

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