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Are there so many reasons to feel bad for the Fed? TP? or maybe we can just accept that no one can have it all.


Roland Garros has always been Federer's Achilles heel when he meets Nadal in the final.

2005, 2006, 2008, 2011

He did beat him 2007 in Hamburg and 2009 Madrid. It appears from the record these are the only two clay court events that Roger has prevailed over Rafa.


Gary Moser

"Roland Garros has always been Federer's Achilles heel
when he meets Nadal in the final. 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011"
Oh, good! 2007 has been expunged.....and 2005 has been upgraded from a Semi to a Final.

Another few years --- Lord willing and the creek don't rise --- and maybe he won't have lost to him AT ALL! :->


I stand corrected Gary, blame it on my eyes!

Gary Moser

Hey, if we can't kid each other, Jenny.....who can we kid?

Although you're such a good sport, I almost feel guilty whenever I tweak you.

Almost. [ Oops! Did it again ]

Hope you enjoy the tennis this week, as things start to get real serious for all of our favorites.


Gary... I recall some stat you had come up with a little while ago that had me laughing. It was so decisive about Roger's supremacy. Do you remember what it was?

Gary Moser

Can't think of it off-hand, Chip...

I recently came up with a new one which, although not boiled down to a sound-bite, goes something like this:

Despite Roger getting a very late start in accumulating Slam titles...
[ he won his first just before his 22nd birthday, whereas Nadal and Sampras were just barely past their 19th ]

Despite Roger having a tougher second-banana to deal with than anybody in the Open Era...

Despite Roger having more achingly-close losses in Slam Semi-Finals and Finals than anybody in the Open Era...
[ 2005 AO Semi...2008 Wimby Final...2009 USO Final...2010 USO Semi...2011 USO Semi ]

He STILL has won the most Slams and been ranked #1 for the most weeks.

I don't need any more evidence than that to return a verdict to the jury.


This is good, but here's the "game set and match" stat you had that I was referring to. Best I have seen.

Number Of Open Era Players who have won more than Federer:

Australian Open Titles: 0
French Open Titles: 8
Wimbledon Titles: 0
U S Open Titles: 0

Number Of Open Era Players who have won more than Nadal:

Australian Open Titles: 13
French Open Titles: 0
Wimbledon Titles: 5
U S Open Titles: 8

Gary Moser

Ahh, yes. That is a tidy little sucker, isn't it? :->


If 17 and 302 doesn't do it, this "tidy little sucker" should end the conversation. Such a stark contrast.


And... (to repeat a post I posted a while back) ... lest we assume he was a slouch on his WORST surface... ("only" having won one... which is one more than Sampras, McEnroe, Becker, Edberg, and Conners combined.) only two people have more final appearances than him. TWO. Borg, Nadal.


Hi Gary, Ha..ha.. enjoy your week.

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