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didn't shake the umpires hand


Almost forgot to kiss his mama up in player's box.
(I think he actually did shake the umpire's hand when he returned back down to the court before going to his chair.)


I think Gracie wins this one.

(I, however, believe I won the last one -- you've been talking about it yourself for days, TP -- and since you did *not* let me win the one where an exact quote from the tenista in question was not good enough for your twisted mind, even though I was also the *first* one to get close enough, I would really like my WOF mention now -- you know, after Gracie's -- please.)


I believe so too, Gracie and M. Only after they mention "don't forget mama" or so then only did Andy stopped and turned back to find Judy.

And perhaps the stuttering thank you speech that might have left some people/important acknowledgement out?


Can't be as simple as this to be WOF material. Maybe the clue is 'the first' W title, but I still can't figure it out. More clues TP?


Completely forgotten to acknowledge the existence of his holy mother. Walked away and last minute corrected his action after being reminded. So Holy Mother was just a second thought. Holy Cow MAndy. Please forgive him for he did not know what he has done.
BTW was there a Real father there ? Did MAndy forget hims too? just a thought.

Darn after checking I am too late. You already have a winner. Gezzz!


This is an April Fool's WOF, no?


Not going up to his box straight away after the win (given what winning wimbledon for first time means to any tennis player and given the 75yr, british marbles) but corrected it later on by going there.

Tennis Planet



Congrats Gracie, well done!


U deserved it , Gracie!

TP, can you at least leave the Wall of Fame article on the main homepage for at least a few days after the due date or so, because i kept missing to see the verdict on that deadline. Thanks. I had to search for this WoF by trying to remember some keywords of the riddle

Tennis Planet


You can type 'Wall Of Fame Contest' in the Search box (top left). When you get a bunch of results, click for the 'most recent'.


Alright TP thanks for the advice

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