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Because he knew the crowd wanted Fed to win.


Since learning he is going to be a father, Nole has found a new level of appreciation for Federer. Even a bond. And, surprisingly vice versa. To me, their body language showed this during the match. I wouldn't be surprised at all if these two become sort of friends in the near future. So it was almost as Nole also, if only by a tiny bit, wanted Roger to win his 8th. Strange ... So he just didn't feel like going crazy, out of respect for Federer, and by similar token, newly found respect for himself.


I love this answer Veglia. I think it's true as I felt that upon watching them.


good 1!!!!! furrr surrreee! djoko is good dude peeplesssss he really is dat!!!!


because he knew people wanted Fed to win and he ( Nole ) had bent the rules ( fake medical time outs, bathroom breaks ) to get the win for himself


Similar to Veglia has said but with an important difference. Yes, his behavior was influenced by his upcoming fatherhood and he behaved in a manner so as to be an appropriate example for his child rather than feeling some kind of "bond" to Federer. Parents do that -- thinking changes and they often think what kind of example they are to their child. Given that he dedicated this win to his future wife and child, it would hardly have been approraite to go on a shirt-tearing celebration.

If bonding is what motivated him, he would hardly have done his incredible hulk act when beating Rafa, who was supposedly a friend.


I think he finally realized it's inappropriate after he is on the losing end on 5 out of last 6 such occasions.


thought number 2 --- William and Kate were watching and he knew the over the top shirt tearing etc were not appropriate in that situaion


Judging only by the aftermatch events I would agree, but I really did get a sense of bonding during the match. I may be wrong or may be "seeing" on TV what I wish for :) But setting the right example for kids is absolutely a driver, no questions.


... for example, just dropping on this back or his knees would still be an emotional celebration while staying within "good example" boundaries.


He was specifically instructed to abide by the appropriate dress code at all times, especially in the presence of the royals. People receive instructions not to do certain things during a royal visit.


If TP's definition of crazy celebration involves only shirt tearing, than I can see how this works. But I didn't see the desire to do such thing supressed by sudden realization of the rules and instructions. To me, his subdued reaction was natural, not imposed by learned rules.


I just ran across this in the New York Times, was going to add it to the Wimbledon cmments, but they're gone already:

Said Patrick McEnroe: “He could have folded, and it wouldn’t have shocked you. That’s why he took a bathroom break, an injury timeout — he was doing whatever he could to stay in the moment. Because if he looked at the bigger picture, which is what we all do, he could have easily said, ‘It’s not meant to be.’ ”



thought number 3 --- Wimbledon is not a place for shirt tearing, and never will be. Also rolling around etc is not dignified and he didn't want to be seen rubbing Fed's nose in it as he knew most of the fans wanted Fed and he desperately wants the fans to cheer for him too --- he's been trying hard by doing such things as giving points away


Well he DID eat some of Centre Court's grass, so there's that.

I agree with the above, but I'll add a twist: he probably felt like maybe he'd just snuffed out Federer's last chance to win another GS, therefore probably putting his legacy as GOAT in jeopardy (Nadal is, after all, on his heels). Also, his newfound appreciation for Federer and the way he's handled parenthood while staying competitive on the tour may have sparked some sympathy at that moment.

Like Andy Roddick said when facing the prospect of playing Agassi on his last US Open: "nobody wants to be the guy who shot Bambi".

I also believe he didn't want to risk angering the crowd with an over-the-top celebration and polarizing them against him like it happened at the US Open, precisely when he beat Roddick. He's been way more careful and "polite" when playing crowd favorites since then.

Admittedly, I'm reaching. But it's the only freakin' way to win these WoF contests :P

By the way, out of all tweets sent during the final, the best one has to be this one from Roddick: https://twitter.com/andyroddick/status/485830645893955585

Priceless. I miss Andy.






The title was dedicated to his future wife, baby and former coach who taught him HOW TO BEHAVE.


He ate grass. What else do you want? Ok, I guess he felt he had the game under control in the fifth set. Federer couldn't produce anything really threatening. Unless Federer started to fire only aces, victory was inevitable. He may have felt sorry for former great Federer trying the impossible.


djoko + fed both b.room after 4 sets.....
djoko fell on ankle set 3.....
may b sore by set 5 no?????
2 bad 4 sour grapes.....:((((
better 2 appreciate................
furrrr surrreeee!!!


Hi Stella. Love form Alex


Becoming a father. About to get married. Needed throw he is a man. (Didn't want Jelena to yell at him)


To be a man. Typo


May I add: In 2009 Roger won his wimby and dedicated his win to fatherhood. Nole did the same thing. Roger won in five sets against andy roddick so was nole to roger. Nole's parents and jelena weren't there this time. But Prince William and Kate were there supporting him too. It was his 35th meet with roger, the same like stefan edberg on roger's side and boris becker his new coach and boris won in that meet. Meeting roger again on a GS final was probably another dream come true for Nole. Roger hasn't won anything since 2012 and Nole's last GS win was at AO2013. All the more emotional.And he feels more mortal i think , doing the running into the box hugging his coach and team

Tennis Planet



congrats. The first reply and you agreed with TP. Awesome


Congrats Bettyjane, but be afraid...you know the rest :)


Ha Chip, I know! Scary isn't it. Thanks Stella and Chip. I think it must be 4 years or more since I got lucky with this contest.


Congrats, BJ! lol Chip. I try to avoid TP's specials unless I know the answer which is rare.


Congratulations Bettyjane, well done.

So, are we saying that Djokovic matured since in all previous occasions he also knew the crowd wanted the other guy to win and still went crazy?


This match was Becker vs Edberg. It wasn't just about the guys on the court this time.


Congratulations Bettyjane.


You Bettyjane was the first and the best in terms of answers. Congratulations again.


Brava bettyjane!


Thanks to you all!

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