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Super Mario



I'm against discrimination because of a person's size, age or look. Obviously tourney directors have to employ a judge with good sight. I'm sure the players couldn't care less as long as line judges give a good clear. accurate call, likewise I'm the same. I will concede large people wearing shorts is not a good look. To be honest, I don't really look at line judges or the celebs in the Royal Box.


I agree Jenny. Being overweight does not mean he cannot do the job he was assigned.


he probably was good at what he was hired to do--- saying if a bullet serve is in or out takes a skill and I'm pretty sure a model won't have that. Jenny is right about the shorts though --- when I was in montreal they were wearing long pants.


But these people are just not 'regular fat', they are enormous.

They must have gone out of their way to find these people.

There's no evidence that being fat relates to good eyesight, so they must be positively discriminating for this to 'randomly' occur.

T Waters

Looks like you would want to keep the image of being healthy eating less and more exercise. These lines people seem to get as big as they possibly can until the next tourney. I prefer electronic calling for accuracy and what’s pleasant to the eyesight. I’m looking at Wimbledon 2022 and it’s still going on. They have no shame!

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