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The AO is going to be a very important tournament for Nadal and may define his year. He had been getting his act together near the end of last year, he's had some time to rest, and to think, and let's see where stands. Last year's AO announced his year in neon lights -- 2 and 0 in the first two sets to Berdych, someone he had on a 17 math winning streak. The court suits him, he's well rested, let's see. I'm not holding my breath but a resurgent Nadal will certainly spice up the season.

Btw, Novak is the second youngest player in the top 10 and he's a few months from 29. There is something very wrong with this picture.

A last thought: Has anybody in the top 10 ever had a season where he never lost to anybody younger than him? Novak in 2105. And? Gary?


Rafa won it once and was destroyed that season after that win. I think given the state of affairs he may gladly settle for that result and bid good bye to rest of season.

But fully agree, Rafa will come out roaring.

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