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Play safe out there!

Gary Moser

It's all been an ACT, Stella.

Just think how crushingly boring the last 6 months would've been
if the media had just had the other 18/5 to work with...

[ "Politics is the entertainment branch of industry." --- Frank Zappa ]


Stella -
You poor thing.
Going to see that "Hairball". But I like your attitude.
I believe most people go see him because it is an act and the price is right.
If I am proved wrong, you may have a new neighbor in early 2017.
Happy New Year.
Have fun.


back from being Trumped and all the hoopla that goes with it. The price was right --- free.

More later--- I'm trying to straighten out my thoughts --yes, it's a big act and I definitely wouldn't vote for him even if he was the only one running.

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