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Whenever Federer talks a lot, he follows with slam titles.


Last time they met was the finals at WTF London, it was a straight set victory for Djokovic. Federer was not happy about that performance because his serve was broken many times. Otherwise Federer played very well, so it's something to build on.


Federer will be great in the commentary box..... but no hurry getting there


Like I said, if you get to a 4th set, take a bathroom break. He's doing that. Very important. It's so hard to win any point, he needs to gather some thoughts. Try to reset and give another fight.


Federer was missing shots, Joko hammers everything. It's like playing a video game at too high a level, it's over in a flash. Federer is in excellent shape, but he can't handle routine shots from Joko, like Simon would handle in rallies.


People may come to appreciate how perfect Stan played to beat Joko at FO. The whole world need to invest in Stan, to make sure he gets the best of everything, and that he is 100% healthy at all times. Then maybe he can save the tour some humiliation by beating Joko again at FO. Federer is in great shape, but the shots are not there to match up with Joko. Joko beat the 2nd best player like a complete amateur.


Djokovic vs Federer SEMIFINAL FULL MATCH HD 1080i AO 2016


What a great match!! Enjoy!!


A sad day for tennis.

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