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Juan Carlos Ferrero
Carlos Moyá


Roddick and Ferrero


I agree with Nipurn


Nipurn is right


Thomas Muster, Andy Roddick


I missed the early start time but I'm going for Andy Roddick and Patrick Rafter.


1) Use search engine or website of choice. Examples include Google and Wikipedia.
2) Make a list of all ATP No1's who you know are low on the GS pole. Examples include Roddick and Moya.
3) Check number of Slams for each.
4) Post your reply to www.tennisplanet.me
5) There might be a simple skills test required to claim your prize. You may also be required to switch to a larger racket to improve your tennis, especially if you're a pro.

@TP: no hard feelings :)

Tennis Planet



Thanks TP for giving Raj and me a special dispensation. I just returned to this site to let it be known I learned Rafter was wrong. Turns out so was Roddick. So be it.

Gary Moser

"Rafter was wrong" because he won TWO Slams.

"so was Roddick" because __________ ?


... because he won two Slams - US Open and Brooklyn Decker




I looked up "One-Slam Wonder" in the Webster Dictionary, and two words came up: Gaston Gaudio


Then I looked up "No-Slam Number 1 Wonder", and came up with Marcelo Rios (sp?). Anyways, can Ferrero, Roddick, or Moya be called a "One-Slam Wonder", when there's a guy like Gaudio in the same company?

Gary Moser

IMO, there's a very big difference between a one-Slam WONDER and a one-Slam WINNER.

But, tennis punditry --- as well as most fans --- have always seemed overly fixated on the "ONE" part.


True, but this is where TP may have a point. Ferrero and Moya can probably be considered one-slam wonders while Roddick is more than that. I don't know. What I do know is that I like this return to origins WoF where you have to guess what TP is thinking of rather than solve crosswords ...

P.S. I still can't get over that "switch to bigger racket" theory though. TP I'll never ever forget that. Even Fed-on-PED theory (in which you had my support) is easier to forget that that.

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