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Either AA or BB

Gary Moser

If you mean Agassi or Becker, why would either be "as" or "MORE"?


Agassi - so that Sampras would be No2 on the all time Wimbledon totem pole
Becker - so that he nails the point home re Djokovic needing him to win slams

Now, does this qualify for MORE, I don't know. Just starting a conversation ...

Gary Moser

If Federer wins an 8th, it'll be a first-hand achievement for Roger and a second-hand slap at an old rival for Agassi.
I don't see how that even qualifies for "as interested" from Andre's standpoint, let alone "MORE interested".

As for Becker and Djokovic with 3 wins apiece versus the 7 each for Pete & Roger...why not JohnnyMac? Why not Bjorn with 5?


Ha, that would be awesome, Federer being couched by Borg!!!


Wawrinka added Annacone to his team for grass. I find this guy weird, but maybe he knows something that could help...

Tennis Planet


Answer: Agassi.

Agassi's desire to see Federer win No. 8 to strip Sampras of another 'feather' may constitute as 'as interested' or even a 'more interested' possibility depending on how severely bitter and vindictive you think Agassi is on being 'cursed' by Sampras.

Given evidence, there's a reasonable probability that the bitterness bleeds onto 'more' territory.

Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QSK9t6OrgU

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