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Roger Federer comes to mind. It's a HUGE number of worldly people who know him (incl. over 15 million registered worldly followers) who know him as a role model of the game of tennis.


my guess is Lebron James. Wouldn't recognise him if I saw him and since I have no interest in basketball I know nothing about him . But -- these questions have a USA bias, basketball is big in the USA, newspapers are continually going on about him , or I could agree with Murph ( but that seems too easy to be a TP question ) .

I was going to say Beckham as soccer is perhaps the biggest global sport but he is ( I think ) retired and then there is also Ronaldo


Serena? she has four Opympics gold medals? 23 slams? that's huge?


I agree but that seems too obvious


Obviously true, but too obvious to be true.

Tennis Planet

HINT: It's not what the athlete has done, it just that he has used 'huge' repeatedly specially @ 'critical' situations.


Ah. got it, thanks to TP's hint. It's none other than our President, Donald J Trump, who says... well "yuge" a lot. You say he's not an athlete? Only because he chose not to. He could have been, so it should count: https://theshadowleague.com/donald-trump-says-he-was-the-best-baseball-player-in-nyc/


Or maybe, he is so good at so many things...


Gary Moser

Would LOVE to see DJT play 18 --- on the course of his own choosing --- with cameras on him the whole time.


Shaq. Well... it can't be Shaq because you don't ask why. I mean the guy is like 7'8" and 400 lb.

Gary Moser

Plus...not ACTIVE.

Tennis Planet

Kowrekt aansor:


Gary Moser

"HINT: It's not what the athlete has done, it just that he has used 'huge' repeatedly specially @ 'critical' situations."
Using the same word 2 times out of a total of 84 is.."repeatedly"?

Well. No wonder I missed it! :->


It's not fair, fortunately it's not a WOF!


“Its not what he’s done..” Well, he’s done a bit more for good than all the guys that preceded him... combined.



Tennis Planet


Granted it's quite obscure BUT following two factors shrunk the obscurity sufficiently enough to where even if you are a semi-casual sports fan, it should have been within your grasp:

High profile athlete.

Active athlete.

The voice mail was 'played' so repeatedly that first nearly everyone knew about it and SECOND 'noticed' the 'huge' factor 'brazenly'.

Besides, hasn't he used 'huge' quite regularly at nearly all of his pressers to highlight his point - to allow people to connect the dots even more 'persuasively'?

There are what five high profile active athletes today? Four? Three? Two? One? Elimination process would have led to no one else.

Gary Moser

"There are what five high profile active athletes today? Four? Three? Two? One? Elimination process would have led to no one else."

Can't do it now, of course, but I think it would've been most enlightening to have had
a "pre-Quiz Question" along the lines of "How many 'high profile active athletes today' are there?"

Tennis Planet


How about if there are say 20 active high profile clowns?

Woods' fetish for 'huge' will still stand out - conspicuously - for a Slam dunk.

Gary Moser

TW is the unchallenged personification of the word "huge".


Moving on...

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