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I sure hope she is exceptionally tidy and all the spice jars in her kitchen have all their labels facing exactly the same way



I'm also moving my comment to this thread, maybe someone continues the conversation ...

Very telling indeed. Which one you think it is:

a) He realized he's done and is not 'sacrificing' for tennis any more
b) Little Rafa hopes kids will rejuvenate his career like it happened for Uncle Roger (somewhat, not really) and Captain Nole

Gary Moser

Good one, Stella!

[ Of course, she wouldn't have retained GF status for 14 years if she wasn't totally on-board with that, no? ]

Gary Moser

I'm going with (a). In the last couple of years, he's been having physical problems flare up
other than his chronic knees --- wrist, ankle, etc. This appears to be the NEW NORM for him,
after more than 1100 career matches with his extremely physical style of play.

To wit: in the last 5 Slams held, he's quit 2 of them mid-match and was AWOL
[ Asleep With Open Lids ] in another. Appears to me that he knows he's about done.


: )

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