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I need to brush up on how to engage in long rallies !


how about
"If I don't believe that I can be competitive, and when I mean competitive, is fighting for the things that I fought for during the last 10 years, I will be probably playing golf or fishing at home,"


In June 2018 -

"Having family? I don't know, things are not easy to be predicted. At this age, I thought that I would have already been a former player and that I would have started a family', said Nadal, adding that he may think about becoming a father when he really retires from tennis."

Tennis Planet

HINT: It's about Djokovic. Geeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tennis Planet

Correct answer:

Nadal said the following (paraphrasing) when Djokovic was at the BOTTOM of his slump:

"Djokovic will return to top form - soon".

Tennis Planet



TP, these are getting difficult. Even Veglia (arguably the best returner in the history of the sport) in getting aced.


I guess the point is that these are hard, hence you get famous for solving :) But yes, getting more difficult to figure TP out. Although I still think the 12 break points was the right/better answer to the previous HoF. But TP is both the linesman and the Hawk Eye and the chair umpire, so ...

We haven't had 2019 predictions, or I missed them?


This HOF is also inconsistent. The other predictors had to eat crow. Nadal was (unfortunately for him) right.


WOF getting impossible. I came back as it was worth a try but it's pointless. Other answers were better than TP's . Waste of time really


The days when he gave helpful hints like this "D_o__vic will ret__n t_ t_p f__m - s___" is long gone, humanity is officially lost.

Gary Moser

This one was REALLY bad --- I recall seeing any number of tennis-media-people flat-out predicting that
unless Novak's elbow surgery was a total bust, there was no reason whatsoever that he should be down-for-the-count;
that it was just a matter of time before he got "match-tough" and "regained full confidence" yada, yada, yada.

So, in that regard, any prediction Rafa might have made was just band-wagoning at best.

Gary Moser

TP becoming absolutely indecipherable --- one of the Signs Of The Impending Apocalypse, for sure! :->

Tennis Planet

Could it be that Nadal was doing what Gary Moser does with his betting?

Meaning he was so scared with the prospect of Djokovic returning to form that he thought he could jinx it AND add even more pressure on Djokovic to 'return' - while 'enjoying' the possibility of being correct - by publicly releasing the thought.

All this while hoping, wishing and praying it NEVER happens.

Translation: He 'wins' - either way.


In 2020, there will be a not previously known solar vortex that will bring the whole planet to temperatures at 100 K. All living things except a few eels will be instantly frozen and lost. The eels proceeded to eat all manufactured stuff and return earth to a green planet.

Gary Moser

(1) "scared" is such an ugly word...and totally inapplicable to yours truly.
I'm just trying to assuage what for me would be DISAGREEABLE OUTCOMES with that all-time favorite: COLD HARD CASH!
[ One of my favorite aphorisms: "Money talks and bullshit walks!" ]

(2) Mind-readers don't exist.
Which means that Gary Moser isn't one.
And which also means that TP isn't one.
So...we are all free to "could it be" to our hearts content [ wouldn't have it any other way! :-> ].

Gary Moser

So...should this HELP or HINDER the re-election of Orange Crush?


If should help but he's turned into one of the eels.


This is why I'm still here.


Exactly. It would have been so idiotic to say "Djokovic will never return to form", for reasons that now are quite clear but even then weren't hard to grasp. Why would annyone bet against such a talented player who has beaten Federer and Nadal 50 times? He is just too good.

Tennis Planet


Greater the certainty of the 'undesirable' outcome (Djokovic returning to form) occurring, higher is the 'urge' to bet 'for' it - to 'psychologically' protect one's psyche when it actually happens - while leaving little room for your expectations and hopes (that he will NOT return to top form) to run wild.


I am soooo lost.

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