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Injuries to the olfactory?


Maybe Djokovic was injured too? and that's why he got his first bagel?

Players should demand a separate entrance to avoid this high contagious injury causing spectacle?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Or maybe injured in the 1st...mysteriously recovered in the 2nd...re-injured in the 3rd, even?


These injuries to Djokovic could significantly boost Rafa's chances at FO and W? Gary, have you decided how to wager for FO? At some point Rafa was 7/4? but since changed back to 11/10?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Rafa currently +105...Novak +225...Thiem +550...Tsitsipas +1600...Roger +2000...Zverev +2200,
with everyone else in the field 50-t0-1 or higher.

Back on Feb 03, I put $30.40 on Roger at +3300 to win $1,003.20

The only additional bets I'll make on the men's side will be on ROGER'S OPPONENTS ---
if/when Roger looks like a LOCK to finish them off ---
as a hedge against disaster striking yet again in the form of blown match points.

Then there will a string of hoping-to-lose bets:
maybe $10 on Serena at +1200
maybe $5 on Venus at +5000
maybe $2 on Sharapova at +8000


Darts have had this controversy. Tennis is in open so may be during locker room just poison your opponents


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