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10) this is why I check TP first thing in the morning


11. go back to bed

Gary  Lee  Moser

TP: "10 Changes to Your Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Entire Day."

STELLA: "11. go back to bed"




I'm not the most accomplished person out there, but...sounds like a dead-end. :->


It will most definitely transform your entire day :)

Gary  Lee  Moser

But, will it "transform" it for the BETTER...or the WORSE? That's what I want to know! :->


Not the requirement, just to transform


being able to go back to bed for a short while -- comfortable and warm -- is a thrill in retirement for me. I don't ever nap during the day . At work I was on call 24/7 so it is bliss to just chill for a half hour , look out at my garden, watch the birds on the feeder. In the winter when we are in Hilton Head our rental is on the water with a forest behind so I go to sleep to the sounds of herons squalking and owls hooting and wake to watch birds on the waters edge and gators lazily swimming


How idyllic Stella!! I'm glad you have this restful respite, although the gators sound off-putting to me!


maybe I'm crazy but I love gators -- always from a distance. Our walks and bike rides in HHI are often "gator watching " rides. The most gators we ever saw on an afternoon's ride was 22. We have named some of them and it's interesting to see which ones are around each year. In my next life I'd like to be a very furry cat or a gator --- to be able to swim lazily across a lagoon and spend my days snoozing in the sun -- bliss.


Drink water? who still drinks water in the morning?


I do. 300 ml. Trying to make it to 500 ml.


What water are you drinking, has the water on the planet not been polluted?

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