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At W09 Roddick had such a lead? he should have won? Pete said Federer would have 17 18 when he is done? he said maybe 19 when pushed by reporter? Now we may be looking a few guys with 20+. Rafa will have at least 14 FOs alone. It's crazy how high the tennis level is now? At W09, Federer broke Roddick serve just once? This draw is so similar to FO? FO was terrible? Rafa will win 5 more there? Hope Federer will win this now?

Good to know Federer has the most winners? I think Djokovic is the most difficult to beat? What if he serves 80% first serves and returns 80% of the opponents serves? We shall see? If Djokovic beat Rafa here again it'll 16-18-20? Seems most probably based on numerology?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Aces count as "winners", right?

If so, I find it kind of startling that Fed has 22 more winners than Rafa despite 7 fewer aces...


Bull is scary as hell.


I was impressed by the Bull's forehand and serve against Kyrgios. Better than Federer's. The serve has never been.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"At W09 Roddick had such a lead? he should have won?"
The entire tennis world, seemingly, has bought into this. For me, myself & I? Never ever rang true.

Fact: If Andy makes that high backhand volley, he's up 2-sets-to-love.


Supplementary Fact: which means he's A FULL FREAKIN' (WINNING) SET away from the finish line.

The very year before, Roger was down 2 sets to love against a greater opponent --- ummm, what was his name? --- Rafael Nadal,
and persevered enough to come within 2 points of victory in the 5th set.

I personally think there is a far greater possibility that Roger carried Andy that day than there was of Roddick legitimately beating him...


Those were such difficult years, I never wanted to watch the W08 watch. Federer came within 2 points of victory? I need to watch the match maybe? Federer came within 2 points of victory but lost? The following year he went 2 sets down to Roddick and lost in straight sets? lost in 4? and lost in 5? Not to say Federer would have lost, it's just Roddick could have or should have done better? Looking at that match, Roddick had a little bit of upper hand breaking serves one more time than Federer? Perhaps Roddick served better and Federer wasn't returning very well? Roddick led 6-2 in the TB with 4 SPs? 2 on his own serves? He should have closed out the set with one good serve? Maybe then he could steal one of the following 3 sets? who knows? It was so hard to watch those years that I thought Federer's racket had a severe disadvantage. Now Federer serves and returns much better since 2017? Maybe he could have a chance winning W19 even if he comes up against Rafa and Djokovic?

Gary  Lee  Moser

"Federer came within 2 points of victory? I need to watch the match maybe? Federer came within 2 points of victory but lost?"

Jump to the 5:23:00 mark...in the 5th and deciding set, Rafa is serving to stay in the match at 4-5.

They split the first 4 points. Hence, 30-30.

If Federer had won the next 2 --- 6th consecutive Wimby title.

But Rafa won the next two --- which led to his eventually prevailing 9-7...

Gary  Lee  Moser

In Wimbledon 2009, as we all know, Roger didn't break Andy until the 30th game of the 5th set.

This was Andy's 38th service game of the match.
Which would suggest --- to a suggestible person --- that he was 37-0 in holding serve up until that point.

POP QUIZ: if you review all 23 of the other matches that they played against each other,
what was the longest "unbroken streak" that Andy had?

10 games ?





Thanks Gary for the link and the explanation regarding W08, it makes perfect sense now. After so many years they are still going strong. About Andy's other longest unbroken streak? I guess it's 10?

This years FO was a little bit disappointing? especially the weather? I hope we get some great results at W19?

Although these great players are going strong at the moment, one feels that time is of the essense now?

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