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Cynthia Dowie

Thanks Very Much TP for Remembering. Hope You are Keeping Safe.

I made The 90th Year on Planet earth. Health wise am doing well.
Non of the usual ailment that is associated with My age group.

To all My Friend on this post, Be Smart & Vigilant. Take care of Yourselves and those around you.

Keeping my hand from going to my face Is An Enormous Challenge.

My skin is crying out from the frequent washing of hands, although I use vaseline after each wash.

Have been under house arrest since March 1st.

Peace & Love.


It's late in the day, Cynthia, so I hope your birthday WAS a delightfully special one. I didn't recognize the CV letters on your cake, but in reading your lovely message, I just wanted you to know until doing so, I thought I was TP's oldest member. I'm pretty sure he knows, but I'm now revealing I'm just a year BEHIND you.

I, too, have lubricated my hands during this lock-down, so hoping it's short-lived. Stay well and have a great year.



TP, you are essential service, you have to keep posting

Cynthia Dowie-Brown

Thanks Again to TP for maintaining and continuing to make this Post possible.

Thanks to Murph, Olga, Veglia for taking the time to Care and comment.

Well, well 89 is quite an achievement. What are the challenges You face?

I EMBRACE Each day to the fullest knowing that I am ON borrowed time. My family
particularly My Daughter & G/Daughter IS FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT THE FACT
THAT I WILL DIE. All living things die. We were born only to die. Once we accept
that fact the better for all of us. I embrace Life knowing that death follow sooner
than later.
My son recommend that I use a lotion for my hands instead of the vaceline. What do
you recommend?

My Gratitude to all. Be Courageous & Vigilant. Be Safe and KEEP IN TOUCH.


Tennis Planet

Congratulation Cynthia.

Tennis Planet

Will resume soon.

Cynthia Dowie

Thanks AGAIN TP.
Take Care. Have Lots Of liquids, water, lemons,limes, oranges grapefruits garlic onion, helps to boost the immune system.
Enough sleep.

We cant thank You enough for The Invaluable SERVICE You Give In CREATING and MAINTAINING this Post.
You Are Admired Appreciated and Loved.


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