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Tennis Planet

Regarding the hint:

Shouldn't the person who runs this site mention the year for the US Open too? I mean, US Open happens every year. How are we to know which US Open is being referenced here?

This is a strange sight, smell and hearing.


Your opponent totally loses it, and start to take out his anger with the umpire?

Tennis Planet

2nd hint: Keep in mind - looking for BEST compliment.

Nipurn Rastogi

Opponent smiles

Or opponent states in shock at you

Nipurn Rastogi


Nipurn Rastogi

Remember when Roddick smiled and threw his racket at Roger all those years back


No reaction. Exhale, drop hands, and walk back to play the next point.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Don't see lack-of-mention of "the year" being "strange" at all.

For any even semi-serious fan of the sport...the USO Final between Roger & DelPo has to instantly register as 2009.

ROGER: had won the last FIVE CONSECUTIVE titles --- 2004-2008 --- and came within 2 points of a 6th.

DELPO: had he NOT won...might have been remembered simply as a big-hitter who made his way past R4 in 13 GS main-draw appearances.

[ As opposed to 17 by Tomas Berdych... ]

[ As opposed to 17 by David Ferrer... ]

[ As opposed to 15 by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga... ]

[ As opposed to 12 by Kei Nishikori... ]

[ As opposed to 10 by Gael Monfils... ]

[ As opposed to 10 by Nikolay Davydenko... ]

[ AS opposed to 10 by Milos Raonic... ]

Tennis Planet


Opponent watches the ball land and instantly like speed of lighting turns his head and stares as if to say "Is this freaking legal? Did you freaking do that? Is this freaking possible? But I did everything perfect. Are you real?...............

Here is the US Open clip. Go to 4:20:


Tennis Planet

Here is a better - more extreme? - representation: Go to 21:28.


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