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Great shots, thanks! This will be the first year FO has a roof? Under the roof, perhaps the challengers to Mowigli will have a little better chances?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Why? Why would a roof "perhaps" benefit any Nadal opponent more than Nadal himself?

Gary  Lee  Moser

After watching this 1:28 video clip about a half-dozen times, I can only rate the SECOND of the three
as even within sniffing distance of "incredible", since DT is on the run the entire point, including when he delivers the putaway.

The first and third are excellent putaways --- but, IMO, only because the shots leading up to them give him AMPLE TIME.


I can't guarantee that roof will be enough, but I think changes are important. Rafa never won a title at WTF, and I think indoors may help others more than Rafa. Other "factors" may come into play too, I can't wait to see. I was thinking that under normal circumstances, Rafa would have already won FO in June? and reached 20? Djokovic should have won W to get to 18. Rafa or Djokovic could have won UO too?


Less heat. Less bite on the ball. But Rafa conquers all elements.

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