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Let's say that eventually that Rafa gets 25, Djokovic 20, and Federer 20. Federer still has a good GOAT case, because of Rafa's various shortcomings. Other hand, if Djokovic gets 21, then Djokovic is undisputed GOAT with longest serving number one ranking, most prize money, most masters, favorable h2h and so on.


I agree, my choice would be Rafa.

However, grand slam titles don't grow on trees, even for these gods of tennis. I understand Nadal and Djokovic are beasts, far from your average grand slam champion. I'm not saying it isn't going to happen (it would be foolish of me), but I don't find likely that Nadal will end at 25, and even Djokovic at 21, that would depend on how he will perform next year when he will be 34 freaking years of age facing younger opponents.

Gary  Lee  Moser

FACT: To end with 25, Rafa has to win 6 more.

FACT: He has won 6 of the last 24 --- an average of 1 per year for the last 6 years.

FACT: The last 6 years --- when he was age 29-thru-34.

PROJECTION: As opposed to the NEXT 6 years --- where he will be age 35-thru-40.

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