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Gary  Lee  Moser

It really is mind-blowing to me how this trio of men have obliterated the Open Era record books,
whereas "The greatest tennis player ever" --- aka TWS --- has only one more Slam
than previous female record-holder Steffi Graf, coupled with 58 fewer weeks with the #1 ranking.


Thanks to Del Potro Cilic Stan Andy Murray and Thiem they didn't collectively win everything.


Also thanks to Mirka Rusty and line judge.

Gary  Lee  Moser

"Thanks to Del Potro Cilic Stan Andy Murray and Thiem they didn't collectively win everything."
So...Roddick, Gaudio & Safin are nothing more than chopped liver?

"Also thanks to Mirka Rusty and line judge."
"Mirka": Roger's wife, OK. Prevented him from winning more, in some unproven way...instead of helping on the 20?

"Rusty": all I can think of is Lleyton Hewitt, who definitely didn't prevent any of the Big 3 from winning more.

"line judge": drawing a total freaking blank.

Gary  Lee  Moser

I think I understand which male player represents each number in each category ---
except for the VERY LAST ONE......."Matches won":

1242 is the number of matches Federer has won, but it's not the Open Era record....1274 by Connors is.

And who had what is showing as the past record of 734?

Tennis Planet


The ATP Tour is the top-level men's professional tennis circuit, administered by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The tour began in 1990, so all of the records listed here start at that time and are based on official ATP data.

Won #
1. Switzerland Roger Federer 1242
2. Spain Rafael Nadal 1002
3. Serbia Novak Djokovic 932
4. United States Pete Sampras 734
Spain David Ferrer
6. United States Andre Agassi 733
7. United Kingdom Andy Murray 676
8. Czech Republic TomΓ‘Ε‘ Berdych 640
9. Australia Lleyton Hewitt 616
10. United States Andy Roddick 612

Gary  Lee  Moser

"ATP Tour" only...versus entire Open Era. Got it.

[ Would never have THOUGHT OF IT. But...got it. ]

Gary  Lee  Moser


If 1990 is the starting point, where is the "Past record" of 6-0 for "FO: No loss in final" coming from?

[ I presumed BORG, naturally, but that can't be the case --- right? And what about Lendl's 19 GS Finals? ]

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