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What a nerve-wracking match for me. The tiebreak was endless and I remember Borg saying he was so nervous going into that final set that he could barely hold his racket. He was 0-30 down in the opening game and then did not lose another point on serve for a while. I just looked it up---until the 10th game of the set, 19 in a row. To me it was a better match to watch than the Nadal/Fed rain-delayed epic

Gary  Lee  Moser

I realize that a debate as to which was the greater match
will always be like a debate between Rembrandt and de Kooning as the greater painter.


Per a statistics repository I just stumbled upon, the Winners-Versus-Unforced-Errors totals
for the 4 players in these 2 matches, if reliably accurate, is somewhat jarring:

Borg: 63 winners, 86 UFE

McEnroe: 69 winners, 102 UFE

Nadal: 60 winners, 47 UFE

Federer: 88 winners, 80 UFE

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