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It's really a shame how the draw shook out on both the mens and womens side. Medvedev isn't a threat on clay and having Swiatek and Barty in the same half is just as bad. I like how Wimbledon factors in a player's performance on the surface at hand and adjusts the draw accordingly.

Tennis Planet

Serena will reach the final without facing any of the top 14 players? If Azarenka loses in the next round, it could be top 19. And THEN she will be ready for Swiatek in the final? Get freaking real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's a crazy tournament for the women. Can't remember another like it.

Thanks for the link to the tv coverage. Hate NBC---wish they'd drop their "coverage" of the French---my 88 year old mother feels like she's an idiot for not understanding the Peacock free trial app. She just sees the monthly rate and balks.---at least the aren't showing the matches on tape delay anymore.

Gary  Lee  Moser


faces an opponent with a 5-6 record in Slam competition [ 1-2 on clay ] going into this one...

breaks said opponent no fewer than 3 times...

has 2 fewer double-faults than said opponent...


Julio Cesar Correa

Serena - out

Julio Cesar Correa

and Fed - out

Tennis Planet

Federer is injured - or very close to it?


I think he must be feeling some pain in his knees and didn't want to say it. If true, that's very sad for tennis, because master Federer is tennis.

Gary  Lee  Moser

Even if he WASN'T feeling any pain in his knee(s),
his confidence level about his knee(s) continuing to hold up is obviously lacking ---
which bodes virtually as bleak for his competitive future, no?


The negative press about Federer's withdrawal is pretty ridiculous, in my view. If the ATP doesn't protect his ranking, he has every right to accrue points and test the levels of his fitness however he damn well pleases. Comparisons to Djokovic are a head-scratcher, given his history of withdrawals (including at a grand slam, if memory serves) particularly early in his career. And further comparison to Serena (I'm referring to the Yahoo Sports article that quotes the McEnroe brothers and The Tennis Podcast) are equally mystifying. Between the example she sets in her interactions with officials and her withdrawal from the Wimbledon doubles match where she arrived on court in no state to play a match, comparisons to Federer's sportsmanship--or lack thereof--are unfounded.


Clifford!!! Hey! --you probably read this quote by Andy Murray.

“In basketball, football etc when returning from injury players are given reduced minutes to build up their fitness. In tennis, you don't have that luxury of just playing a set in first match then 2 sets the next etc and building up that way,” the British tennis star added. He himself has been recovering from a hip injury.

“I’d argue that it’s quite risky to play multiple 4hr matches in a row in your 2nd tournaments back in 18 months so to me it makes sense to be reactive based on how your body feels, length of matches, etc (sic),” Andy Murray added.


Hi Bettyjane! It's been a while since I've come on here to comment, but when the media goes after mah boy, I've gotta rant!!
I hadn't seen the Andy Murray quote...more evidence that he's a class act, if any more was needed. Thanks for posting!


What a display of serving by Sakkari. I'm super disappointed about Iga but honestly Sakkari did everything right in that match after the first couple of games. But I would love to see Barbora take it all now. I prefer elegant players to feisty folks who fire themselves up a tad too much.

I remember our Jenny complaining about the one-sided tv and press coverage for Andy Murray, when watching his matches in the UK. I can only imagine what that must have been like. I think it probably contributed to her not rooting for him, although his salty tongue was another reasons. Understandable of course for the press to do that in a country that size with a talent Murray's size, but irritating nonetheless.

I find it disturbing to see this "Olympic-style" coverage of players. Even the commentator on the Tennis Channel admitted that they didn't focus much on Barbora during her quarterfinal match against Coco. I didn't root for Melanie Oudin during her US Open run some years back for this very reason. THe BELIEF tournament---ugh!


I think Federer should have skipped the clay season.

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