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Don't know why, maybe Rafa like someone else previously, aimed at 20 for a long time. After reaching 20, he relaxed and lost it?

From what I saw, I think I understand HOW he lost it.

From the matches played in previous years, for example 2014? final? between Rafa and Djokovic? Rafa won? That score was Rafa 3–6, 7–5, 6–2, 6–4.

This year score Djokovic 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 6-2. Looking like a mirror image to each other. I remember Rafa's 2014 win contained bruising rallies, the ball was spinning and slowed down. Nobody can move the ball other than Rafa with that thick muscle and passion.

This year, the balls to me were not spinning, were not slowed down, were allowed to fly flat, allowing an easy win for Djokovic.

My feeling is Rafa is currently enjoying 20. After the enjoying, he may return to form, and play his intense spinning and slowing down classic FO tennis, and win some more FOs. That is my guess.


I remember? that Rafa's celebration after 2014 title was extremely intense on the floor. Playing like that took a lot out of him. Perhaps he hasn't needed to play so intense since then? with other added weapons?

Tennis Planet


How about this:

Djokovic didn't dominate EVEN in his bedroom - the 2021 AO. Think that counts?


"Did Nadal drop his form precipitously or Djokovic upgraded his - dramatically?" OF COURSE Nadal dropped his form. He is unbeatable when he plays his best at FO?


Plus, later in the day and night, the balls favored Djoker.


Djoker himself alluded to the conditions changing in his favor---to his credit. Had Tsitsipas defeated Zverev more quickly in the semifinal match, the Nadal/Djoker match would have started much earlier and perhaps/probably? Nadal would have beaten Djoker.

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