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Gary  Lee  Moser

Tank? Especially after a 6-1 first set?

Irrespective of that, not at all unhappy to lose my first monetary wager in these Olympics.


Nole definitely was looking to end points more quickly and I'm guessing he regrets having to be involved in the mixed doubles which couldn't have helped him, particularly with the heat this past week. But you can't say you want to win for your country and only play singles so there you are.

I don't even think Djoker could have pulled this out in a 5 setter. Every great player has matches like this.

Gary  Lee  Moser

After winning all of the first 9 sets he played in the most dominant fashion ---
giving his opponents an aggregate of only 18 games, which is an AVERAGE of exactly 2 per set ---
Novak comes within 1 point of LOSING FOUR CONSECUTIVE SETS thereafter,
and does in point of fact lose 4 of the next 5, only once getting as many as 4 games in any of them.



Tanking? Because the pressure is too great?? Am I getting this correctly? Why even come to the Olympics then

Gary  Lee  Moser

No, not because the pressure is too great.

But because at a certain point there is no market --- gambling and/or otherwise --- in invincibility.

Hypothetical: if Rafa hadn't been on the clay scene in 2006 & 2007,
do you think the powers-that-be would have let Roger win back-to-back Calendar-Year Grand Slams?
I certainly don't. Would've been absolutely HORRIBLE for business for 2008 and ever after, no?


I know Djoker has a rep for tanking (I'm thinking specifically of the FO match against Thiem.)

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