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There is no beating Djokovic now. He has it all, people who beat him sometimes Federer Rafa Stan Murray Thiem are all gone? From 20-20-20 it's like from 0-0-0, Djokovic is looking at a large number of slam titles, and will become the oldest number one of anything? Unless he messes it up by himself?


It's a shame that other legends are not competing or not in contention? they watch hopelessly on TV? If Djokovic completes the calendar grand slam, maybe he will immediately prepare to do another one in 2022?

Gary  Lee  Moser

"...forces challengers to find new level."
TRY to find new level.

Which they have, to a man, failed at miserably.

Woo-Hoo!!! 4 of his 5 opponents took a set from him.

But...Boo-Hoo: in the aggregate 15 sets they've lost, not once have they gotten more than THREE FREAKIN' GAMES.


In the Federer Djokovic W finals and the Djokovic Rafa W finals, Djokovic enjoyed a "similar" score line. Federer and Rafa both won two of the more easy sets. When the sets were tighter, Djokovic won them all. Djokovic seems to give you sets and wear you down, and takes to lead at the final points.

If someone beats Djokovic, you need a significant advantage, like Stan did sometimes. If not, you get worn down, you lose. Does someone have the ability to beat Djokovic in a tight fifth set tie break? That player has yet to show up yet?


Both Zverev and Medvedev are 6'6'' big guys. Guys of this height gets worn down more easily. To beat Djokovic, Medvedev has to be in the best shape of his life?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Who's happiest about Novak's loss?

I posit that it's IVAN LENDL.......whose 3-5 in USO Finals has now been exceeded by the Serb's 3-6.


Interesting Djokovic is 3-6 here. Very interesting he lost it here.


Medvedev had a perfect match? I had a lead in every set? and a big lead in the final set? failed to serve out? no problem, try again? In all Medvedev had a decisive advantage throughout the match? just what's needed to beat Djokovic?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Some people are attributing Daniil's win to the fact that Djokovic had logged
17 hrs 26 min on-court going into the Final, compared to only 11 hrs 51 min for Medvedev.

After Wimbledon, Novak played only one tournament before the USO --- the Olympics ---
skipping both Toronto and Cincinnati. So he should have been totally rested GOING INTO the USO...right?

Yet, somehow, in his first match, after blitzing 1st-round opponent Holger Rune 6-1 in the first set,
he's TAKEN TO A TIEBREAKER in the 2nd set, which he loses, and then reverts to beat-down mode
to sweep sets 3 and 4 by 6-2 and 6-1.



Medvedev and had pressure of his own to deal with, albeit on a different scale. Wonder if he has doubts about how the match would have gone under normal circumstances. Would this have been an epic 5 setter? I'm actually glad he won. I wasn't rooting against Djoker so much as rooting FOR Medvedev.


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