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Gary  Lee  Moser

In the era of The Big Four, there have been 7 different years
where one of them has won 3 Slams in a given year and lost the 4th:

2004: Federer...lost to 3-time FO winner Gustavo Kuerten at the FO.

2006: Federer...lost to Nadal in the FO Final.

2007: Federer...lost to Nadal in the FO Final.

2010: Nadal...lost to Andy Murray at the AO.

2011: Djokovic...lost to Federer in an FO Semi-Final.

2015: Djokovic...lost to 3-time-Slam-winner Stan Wawrinka in the FO Final.

2021: Djokovic...lost to Daniil Medvedev in the USO Final.

If DM, who at the age of 25.5 has been past the 4th round in a Slam only 5 times,
ends up a one-Slam-wonder, history will almost certainly view Novak's missed opportunity harshly.

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