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Are you saying Uncle Roger is gay as a positive or negative comment?



Now do rafa, he is wearing pink shorts , pink this n that.


Er, so are all the Nike-sponsored players at the AO .... Dimitrov who is unequivocally not gay is wearing even more pink than Rafa....


Nadal is the one who looks and acts gay. That is why he has so many fans from the LGBT community - they recognize one of their own.


Does it matter ? I watch the match not sexual preferences.

Gary Moser

Exactly, Nick. If they were all literally ASEXUAL, it wouldn't matter one whit to me.


My question is - why does TP feel a need to badger Mirka in the middle of the Roger Rafa fantasy allegations and hypotheses? He does not do the same to axis a or whatever her name is.


There was a comment by Veglia that this board is too much of a Uncle Roger loyalist (which I agree and I am part of that gang) and no amount of fire stoking has changed anything. This has aroused TP to bring some old memories. Mirka provides the perfect cover of straight marriage and happy family so of course that needs to be blown away.


Would Rafa be any less of a champion if it were discovered he was gay? Would Djokovic be less of a champion if he turned out to be bi? Would Murray be less of a champion if he came out as a feminist? Would Fed be less of a champion is he were found out to be a metrosexual?

Matters not to most of us. For the sponsors, though... How many 30-something, 40-something women salivate over Rafa? Over Roger? How many of them would be hurt to learn there's no hope for them ever to get to know their guy better, that he plays for the other team, so to speak. Those ladies will stop buying the shoes, or whatever it is our GOATs peddle. Sex sells, that's the sad truth, that's why Shrieka was (is) the highest paid female athlete. Now, why exactly she is considered even remotely sexy, that's a different question...

Gary Moser

"Mirka provides the perfect cover of straight marriage and happy family so of course that needs to be blown away."
But, apparently, quad-progeny isn't PERFECT ENOUGH cover for some people.

What a world!

Gary Moser

"Now, why exactly she is considered even remotely sexy, that's a different question..."
Hmmmmm.....let's see:

She's tall.

She's thin/willowy.

She's blonde.

She has a nice-enough looking face, if not Mount Olympus-beautiful.

She does great porn-film sound-effects.


Really --- you're mystified here?

[ And this coming from I, Gary Lee Moser, who doesn't like her at all ]


Yeah, DK, which part of tall, blonde, or slim do you think people find as detracting from sex appeal?


Okay guys, here goes:

Yes, she is tall, not model tall, though, but 6'2"/ 6'3" tall - so most male admirers would be looking up to see her mustache rather than gazing lovingly into her eyes.
Yes, she is blonde. Bottle-blonde, to be precise. Her dark roots are lovely, of course. Nothing against blondes, per se, but answer me this:

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

Only one right answer to this one. And, incidentally, if you were going with the wrong answer, your 'icon' wasn't a natural blonde, either. So let's not put "blonde" in her 'plus' column, shall we? Else the sales of hydrogen peroxide will go through the roof, so ladies all over the world could make themselves better liked by misguided males.

Slim - okay, that's probably a plus.

She also has armpits the size of which would make any male bodybuilder green with envy. Did I mention the mustache? She also has lovely personality, as her former classmates at the Bolletieri academy would attest.

The truth is the machine is desperate to have 'stars' to sell perfume and designer lines to rubes, and she just happened to be taller and slimmer (and blonder?), and more famous than most other fem athletes. Remember how the media jumped on Bouchard a while back? Thankfully that's over, maybe Genie has met her true calling that is modelling, and is gracing catwalks rather than tennis courts with her presence now. Take a close look at their faces (full-frame), preferably without makeup, and tell us - would you buy eau de toilette with her name on the bottle? Okay, maybe for the 'toilette'

"She does great porn-film sound-effects" - okay, you got me there, chief. Here was I thinking she was a totally manufactured product of the marketing machine, but I forgot about the grunts. She is sexy, hands down.
Now excuse me as I have to urgently go buy a few tons of Sugarpova candy.


People! Stop this nonsense, this is not Hollywood!


But we're engaged in social discourse Veglia---like the old days! BTW---I never understood why Angelique Kerber wasn't made more of. To my mind she's a lovely looking young woman.


He he. See, you wanted some enlivening here...not necessarily politically correct...no? Have it, then.
Tempting issue, sure, yet I restrict myself with a remark that, as much as I respect Gary's opinions, I'm visibly closer to DK's reasoning here. He he, again.


???? Uh. Isn't this 100% personal? If 99 people consider her sexy and I don't, am I wrong?


DK has answered the wrong question. It’s not whether DK or Sperry likes short brunettes. Everybody has their own preferences. Sharaoove sells stuff, that means her looks appeal to a relatively large part of the population. You’d have to argue that most people, not you, don’t like talk, slom and blond. Want to try, DK?

If you wanted to sell stuff, tell me you wouldn’t use someone who looks like Sharapova. You’d use, say, Clijsters?

And Bettyjane, I agree, Kerber is lovely.


I'm fine with tall, slim, and blonde, and yeah, Shrieka sells a ton of stuff. If I were selling stuff, absolutely, I would have Shrieka rather than Kim as my ambassador (while Kim is likely a 1000 times nicer person). My issue is that her appeal and image are all manufactured, just like most other entertainment starlets, male or female, and when we fall for that manufactured appeal and buy her candy (or whatever), we are part of the system (à propos: candy, from the athlete who justified her use of Meldonium by her family having a history of diabetes). Say what you will about Rafa or Roj, they are (or appear to be) more genuine, and they don't bleach their hair (oh, wait...).

Angie is lovely, but she is from the wrong market, that's why she is not "made more use of". US (or North America) trumps everything, pardon the pun.


Chill people, i know why they are dressed in pink/ pink salmon.


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