Photographic evidence Federer is suffering from severe mental disorder called chronic narcissism – not unlike ‘someone else’.

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  1. He has his own freaking emoji.

NO ONE in the history of mankind, womankind, any-kind has even attempted this. EVEN Ali didn’t have it. Heck, EVEN ‘someone else’ doesn’t have it.

You see, when ‘regular’ shame factor is suspended from your make up, you are officially on chronic narcissism territory.

Image result for federer and nadal after 2008 wimbledon
Image result for federer crying at 2009 australian open

2. He has beyond irrefutably established himself as the SOREST loser in the history of sports. Heck, mankind.

You see, a normal human being does his best to force a gracious appearance despite the pain of loss seething underneath. It’s outright embarrassing to act as a sore loser. NOT if you are a chronic narcissist.

Image result for federer dress at wimbledon
Image result for federer dress at wimbledon

3. Here’s another BRAZEN exhibit of ‘suspension of the shame’ factor.

Not convinced? Try this:

Would YOU – if you were a pro tennis player (in your freaking dreams!!!!!) – wear this BS @ Wimbledon final?

Image result for federer marriage
Image result for federer marriage

4. Disrespectful towards women.

Think it’s the ULTIMATE humiliation for a woman if she is kept hanging for TEN freaking years with NO sign of commitment? Heck, to add insult to injury he presented Mirka with some ‘friends’ or some such BS ring after about what seven years?

She had to use the pre-poked condom routine to gain some semblance of respect and dignity.

It’s the ‘suspension of the shame’ factor in play – again.

5. Blatantly disrespectful towards his colleagues.

He called Nadal ‘one dimensional’. Heck, he even called him a Mowgli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He called Djokovic a porcupine for his spiky hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you starting to see the parallel between ‘someone else’ and Federer already?

Image result for federer logo

6. Logo.

NO ONE had this. Not even Ali. Heck, ‘someone else’ still doesn’t have it.

Still not convinced?

Try this:

Federer WILL be running for President / Prime Minister or whatever BS they have @ Red Cross – not too many years after retirement. Do they have a porn star there? He will also have a MAJOR hair transplant surgery. Get a tan………………… Are we there yet????????????????????


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