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Why do you have to be like this?

Gary  Lee  Moser

Cindy Crawford having a mole didn't ruin her for me [ and I'm confident that every other man in the world who ever saw her would agree ].

So...why Daniil's wife?

Sharon Fox

The thing I'm most worried about is Daniel Medvedev the growth on his right cheek. It seems bigger every time I see him on television. He's my favorite and I worry for him.


Moles are gross. Why do some women actually draw them on?! Cindy Crawford's mole was off-putting too - they all are.
I see Medvedev has finally squeezed his whitespot off his cheek - I guess he was leaving it out of sympathy for his wife's vile mole. Maybe it was a white mole, but it's somehow left no scar removing it.
Why don't these rich people get them hacked off - I would cut them off myself with a razor blade if I couldn't afford it.

susan schmidt

Danielle medvedev's wife mole is so big it's cancerous

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